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Creative School of Architecture (CSA)

An architect is an artist and a creator in his own right; and architecture is an art that is a perfect medley of aesthetics, economy and feasibility. CSA helps students become responsible architects who create art for both art’s sake as well as life’s sake. The Bachelors in Architecture program at the Creative School of Architecture’s functions with the watchword ‘Creativity’, which is also the guiding principle of the institution in all its endeavours. Students are trained and motivated to think along the lines of creativity and sustainability, thereby helping them become the best architects in the 21st century job market.

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Creative College of Design (CCD)

Creative College of Design is the latest programin Creative Colleges. Sasi is a well known brand name from Coimbatore is synonymous with creative advertising and brand management for over four decades has embarked into fields of education and management. Sasi Group to foray into the formation of Creative College of Design is one of its crowning moments as the founders have been in the sphere of creativity and design for over four decades and to have an institution focusing on its core area is a long term passion and dream.

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